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MOE: 2020 digital curiculum is not about learning on devices

Here's a recent article about this website by reporter Rachel Halyer Donaldson:

"An MoE spokeswoman told Education Central that “the Ministry acknowledges the points made by Sensible Screen-Use in Schools: 'There’s a place for using digital tools to enhance children’s learning’ and that it should be 'moderate, purposeful and evidence-based’ and at ‘developmentally appropriate levels’.”

"It is 'a common misconception' that the new curriculum content is about using devices, adds Ellen MacGregor-Reid, the Ministry of Education’s deputy secretary for Early Learning and Student Achievement."

Clarifying this point for schools and generating discussion might be an important place for the MOE to start, to work towards developing balanced and purposeful use of digital technologies for some schools. We have noted this point recently in an email to our Education Minister Chris Hipkins. If you have a moment to contact the MOE to let them know that parents and educators have some concerns with screen use in schools, you can send your own or use our letter templates in 'What Can I do', and email to

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