What can I do

to make a difference

After reviewing international research and considering expert information, we have found that there is potential for moderate, purposeful use of digital technology in schools to enhance learning and digital skills. However, the digital curriculum in many schools has become about screen learning, which is neither moderate nor evidence-based. While more objective and scientific research is desirable, action is required now about managing screen use in schools by children and adolescents.


Urgent steps need to be taken by parents, schools, the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand government. These include:


  • Providing evidence-based guidelines for schools.


  • Taking meaningful steps to educate the public about the risks of screen over-use in young people and the guidelines that have been created.



Making a difference is easy. Use our 
recommendations below

Recommendations for Parents / Guardians


  • Talk with other parents, and share information.
  • Write to the Ministry of Education and your school about your concerns.


Submit the form below to send a letter to the Ministry of Education (enquiries.national@education.govt.nz) requesting urgent action. If you would like to modify, personalise or distribute this letter and other resources relating to devices in schools, please use the additional links below. We recommend you also send a copy to your school.


You can also write to your school about your specific concerns using these letter templates about:

The amount of screen use in schools

Recommendations for Teachers and Schools

  • Take a look at the research and get informed
  • Review our detailed recommendations, and consider them against your school's current practise
  • Share this information with your colleagues, principal and networks
Reward-based teaching apps
  • Ask questions of your local school board or PTA, and share information.

Suggestions include:


  1. How does our school device policy consider risks to health and well-being?

  2. What is the evidence that the way our school is using devices improves my child's outcomes?

  3. Can I opt my child out of reward-based learning apps/screen-based instruction of basic skills?