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There is no doubt that our children will need excellent digital skills on entering the workforce or moving to higher study. This website presents a summary of current research and expert information on the use of digital technology in schools, looking at both the benefits and risks this brings.

The use of digital technologies in education has created new opportunities for teaching, and can strengthen student learning. Digital devices can also expose young people to useful resources, opportunities for social connection, and support. However, a growing body of research has highlighted negative risks that are associated with screen use, including risks to privacy, exposure to harmful content and cyberbullying.


Frequent and extended screen use is also linked to reduced educational outcomes, and negative impacts on health and well-being. Much of this research has been published only in the past few years and is information that both parents and educators were not previously aware of.


We want our kids to have all the great educational opportunities that technology can provide, and we hope this site is a useful guide on how to get the best out of technology, with lower risk. 


See our 'Recommendations', based on a summary of our key research findings.

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