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Using technology in the classroom: an example by Ease Education

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This blog excerpt is from Ease education, written by a New Zealand teacher.

He uses the video, 'Caine's Arcade,' as an example of how technology can enhance a childs learning experience, as opposed to passive use of learning games. Caine develops an incredible cardboard arcade, and technology is used to develop a video and share this learning, inspiring other children. This teacher then shared the information with his class, showcasing not only the creative process but the role that technology played in it, and encouraging the class to develop their own ideas.

This follows the views of Lee Parkinson, another teacher who trains other educators in the use of ICT. Lee believes digital technologies should only be used to 'go beyond what can be done on paper'. He describes a beneficial use of ICT in the classroom for older children as "the ability to create rich content such as images, video and interactive presentations, share information globally and communicate with other people," (Guardian, 2015).

The Power of Caine’s Arcade

Once again I was reminded of why I think I have the best job in the world. These days I am always on the look out for people and ideas that inspire me. That’s the power of modern technology and the internet for you. The ability to connect and share ideas is so much faster and easier these days. It has enormous potential to be a force for good.

Anyway, I was listening to an interview with David Gauntlett about creativity. During the interview he mentioned the story of Caine’s Arcade. I checked it out and it blew me away. It reminded me so much of the creative magic that I get to witness in my classroom everyday. I had to show it to the children the following day. I wasn’t sure if it would interest them. But sure enough, they voted with their eyeballs. Later on that day, I even got taught how to play a version of twister that had just been completed. A game that would not look out of place in Caine’s Arcade.

I love how Caine’s Arcade has gone on to inspire others all over the world to find their creative spirit. I love how Caine’s Arcade shows the way in which people can connect via technology for a common good. But I especially love how Caine’s Arcade highlights the essence of creativity, intelligence and the human spirit. Such critical elements to life and society, but too easily overlooked and ignored. The best part of the movie is when Nirvan describes how much he appreciates Caine’s achievement. That’s the magic moment for me. “Who wouldn’t want to buy a Fun Pass?” he says. It was genuine appreciation. The appreciation I get to share every day with the children in my class.

So instead of only asking your children about their reading, numbers and writing, start asking about them about what they created today? See where that leads. You might find that you are setting them up for a successful future.

Ease Education: Teaching at a human scale.

You can also find Ease Education on Facebook and Twitter.

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