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A teachers perspective

Here's an interesting perspective of educational technology in the classroom from a couple of passionate teachers, Matt Miles and Joe Clement.

In this half-hour video, taken from the 2018 Screentime Action Network conference, Joe and Matt talk about their experiences and ideas around the use of EdTech in the classroom. The quality of the video isn't brilliant but it's still interesting to watch.

"They don't want to dispose of iPads, YouTube, Prezia and Google Docs, they said, but 'these tools in and of themselves do not make for better teaching. In fact, as we have seen, more use of technology - inside and outside the classroom - can make it more difficult for students to learn and teachers to teach... the focus of the lesson is often the method of instruction rather than the content or skills being taught.'"  From the Washington Post -'Hitting the return key on education.'

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