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The impact of screen use in schools

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In our fast-changing world, young people will need excellent digital skills.

Digital technology has the potential to enhance learning, yet research shows that frequent use of screens at school is associated with reduced academic outcomes. High screen use is also linked with negative impacts on children's health, development and well-being.


This website reviews the research behind digital device use in education. It explains why we need balanced, purposeful and evidence-based use of screens in schools, and how we can support students to develop healthier screen behaviours.

Key research


About this website

Best outcomes

How much device use achieves the best outcomes?


Do smartphones in school affect educational performance?

Raising Hands

Recommendations and summary

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What's going well?

Ideas, resources and expert opinion on implementing digital technology into the classroom.

In a digital world

Are risks even relevant when this is the world children live in now?

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Digital Curriculum

How are schools using digital technology in the classroom?


What are the the risks associated with screen use?

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We acknowledge that digital technology is a powerful tool and is increasingly playing a significant role in the lives of children. However, we are very aware this technology has the potential to harm, and that some children are being harmed through digital technology.


Jacqui Southey

Save the Children NZ

understanding of neuroscience and cognitive, social, emotional and 
physical development of a child has resulted in an overuse rather than 
the complementary use of technology in schools.


Rachel Greaney 



Carolyn Loveday

Occupational Therapist

Technology is a great enabler but it comes with potential cost for our health and wellbeing. This website helps you and your children navigate toward safer, healthier and more responsible use of media and digital technologies for happier lives. 


Pasi Sahlberg 

Professor of Education, UNSW Sydney

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